gDoc Starter Packs – your organisation’s first step towards a paperless future

Since the introduction of gDoc we’ve been working with organisations who have shared their pain about going digital. It’s a desirable business goal but it’s often uncomfortable for employees who are wedded to paper. We believe that moving to digital should not require users to change the way they work and with this in mind we’ve […]


Digital Binder and Microsoft Office 365

I’m pleased to announce that today we’re releasing a new version of Digital Binder for the desktop, featuring a new Microsoft Office 365 integration. This includes both and OneDrive. What can you do with Digital Binder and Microsoft Office 365? Digital Binder will contain a new connector which allows documents and files to be imported […]

Second Build 2016 Keynote and Roundup

The second day saw the second Build 2016 keynote. The biggest, and definitely most welcome, announcement was Xamarin being offered free with any version of Visual Studio 2015, including the free Community edition. I think this is a great move and certainly aligns with their cross-platform positioning. Continuing with their open source initiative, they also announced that […]

Build 2016 Keynote – personal computing and conversations as a platform

So today was the first keynote of Build 2016, with one more tomorrow. Today’s was pretty good, focused mainly around personal computing and the newly announced Conversations as a Platform. This Conversations as a Platform could be a very long blog post in itself. In short, it’s a move to use multiple data sources and an understanding […]

Checking out the agenda for Microsoft’s build 2016

After a full day’s travel, I’m finally at San Francisco. I’ve picked up my pass and eagerly awaiting the keynote and sessions tomorrow at Microsoft’s build 2016. While I’ve been travelling, I’ve been able to pick up the agenda, and as with last year, there are some enticing sessions… The first that catches my eye […]

Looking ahead to Build 2016

I can’t believe it’s been a year and Build 2016 is already just around the corner. This year I’ve been lucky again, and I’m one of the few who managed to get tickets within the 1 minute window that they were on sale. With the conference looming, I’ve been thinking about what we might expect to […]

Improving performance in Android Digital Binder

In the past sprint, we’ve been able to spend some time improving our Android Digital Binder application. Amongst a lot of fixes that have gone in, we’ve been able to work on the performance, in particular, the all important start-up time. When you start the Android Digital Binder app, it launches into the library view. This view […]

Froglogic Squish, the UI automation package

My name is Ben Gilbert and I’m a software developer here at Global Graphics. Most of my time is spent developing our C# application SDK, the gDoc Application Platform. This post gives you some information about one of the tools that the gDoc team uses to automatically test the user interface (UI) of our Windows […]

Bringing books to life – making education fun with 3D interactive books

These days I struggle to read any book, well when I say book I mean anything more than a paragraph. My mind starts to wonder elsewhere pretty quickly. Anyhow, for me words don’t convey as much meaning as pictures do. And moving pictures well, they can tell a whole story…. After Dean’s Blog a couple of weeks ago […]

Using ReSharper to develop the gDoc Application Platform

My name is Dean Edis and I’m a senior software developer and team technical lead for Global Graphics gDoc product range. Most of my time is spent developing our C# application SDK, the gDoc Application Platform on Windows, using Visual Studio. Global Graphics Software has been providing the technology behind the perfect printed page for over 27 years and […]