Zipping ahead with digital PTA binders

Isn’t it great to feel appreciated? We recently conducted a survey among users of our showcase application, gDoc Binder, within the education sector.  It’s fascinating to learn about the different contexts in which our software is used.  One in particular caught my attention and Jennifer has kindly allowed us to share her thoughts more widely: […]

AiiMing high

Sorry for the terrible pun.  If you didn’t spot it we’ve just joined AiiM, the global community of information professionals, and will be attending the AiiM Forum UK in London on 25th June. We’re really looking forward to the event which promises “In just a single day out of the office, [to]  help you to […]

Using the gDoc Application Platform for Powering Websites

After our last platform release, I was lucky enough to get some research and development time to have a go developing with the Application Platform. I chose to build a prototype website aimed at allowing users to upload their documents and build online binders. The concept is a little like Live Binders, only our version […]

Taming the Installer

The installer is one of those key parts of an application that can often get forgotten about until the application is almost finished. Which can cause major headaches, as it’s arguably the most important aspect of getting your application out there to your customers. To combat this, I stepped up readily when we were told […]

BYOD: the Dev Perspective

As mentioned in Phil’s recent blog, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. It’s attractive to a workplace budget to allow people to use their own equipment – and of course, end users want to continue to use the hardware and software they’re used to using. As a software developer, […]

BYOD: the QA perspective

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, also known as Bring Your Own Technology -  refers to the policy (written or otherwise) of allowing employees to bring their personally owned mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and smart phones, into their workplace and connect to their company’s network. It’s becoming increasingly popular and in fact is […]

Introducing the gDoc Printer Platform

As you might have seen, we recently released a new version of the gDoc Printer Platform that allows software developers to develop their own virutal printer drivers. I’m one of the team of developers who worked on this project and this post aims to explain some of the great architecture and functionality behind the platform […]

Fantastic response to our survey

Hundreds of you have taken part in our survey designed to find out more about how you use gDoc Binder. We’ve been delighted with the number of responses we’ve received and with the fact that so many of you, more than 80% in fact, have had a positive experience and would buy from gDoc again. […]